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  • Lease approval sends positive signal to Utah's coal industry
    By John Rogers The newly confirmed interior secretary in the Cabinet of Pres. Donald Trump has made an impact on the coal industry in Utah in one of his first official actions. Secretary Ryan Zinke approved a $22 million coal lease for a central Utah mining company on Feb. 15. The lease unlocks 56 million tons of recoverable high-BTU, low-sulfur coal in Sevier and Sanpete long sought by Bowie...
  • Home builder leader: New inventory 'critically low'
    By Brice Wallace Some people might be impressed that members of the Salt Lake Home Builders Association constructed 3,600 housing units in the Salt Lake Valley last year. Don’t count Jaren Davis among them. The executive officer of the association recently told a crowd that the figure — included in a meeting handout’s statistics — is symbolic of a housing shortage along the Wasatch Front....

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