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Utah is only one of two states that saw gas prices drop early in April. The unusual situation was attributed to the extraordinary high prices Utah motorists paid in March due to a pipeline disruption. Prices typically move higher in spring because of the higher cost of summer blended fuel and the increasing demand as we move into the summer driving season.

  Last week, the average price for a gallon of regular fuel in Utah was $2.39, the 15th highest average price in the country, according to AAA Utah. Of the Utah cities AAA surveys, all reported lower prices than a month ago, with the exception of St. George, which reported the same price. The highest price, $2.51 was in St. George. Motorists in Provo paid the lowest average price, $2.32.

“While Utah’s prices are reacting uncharacteristically, it is understandable because they started at such an unusually high mark last month with the shutdown of the Wahsatch pipeline.” said Rolayne Fairclough, AAA Utah spokesperson. “Now that supplies are flowing, refining costs have decreased along with pump prices. However, motorists can expect to see pump prices move higher as demand increases.” 

    The national average price was at the highest point of the year last week at $2.39. The highest average price was in Hawaii at $3.06, with California reporting the highest price in the contiguous states at $2.99. Motorists in South Carolina paid only $2.12.