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Five productions — ranging from digital series to a documentary to a music video — have been approved for state incentives.

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) board approved the incentives during its March meeting. The projects are expected to result in a combined $4.2 million economic impact in Utah and up to 250 jobs.

The largest incentive, in the form of a tax credit of up to $516,281, was approved for Monument PTT LLC for the first two seasons of a documentary TV series titled “Painting the Town,” featuring renown puzzle artist and Utah resident Eric Dowdle. The company is expecting to spend $2 million in Utah, including during principal photography scheduled for March 6-Nov. 11. Steve Olpin is the director. Producers are Miaken Christensen and Richard Patch.

Nevah LLC was approved for a tax credit of up to $305,125 for the digital series “Relationship Status.” The production is expected to spend $1.2 million in Utah. Principal shooting takes place May 1-June 2. Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum is the director. Producers are Kevin Mann and Christopher Boyd.

Main Dog Productions LLC was approved for a cash rebate of up to $127,000 for its independent feature, a modern adaptation of the classic novel “Little Women.” The company has scheduled principal photography for March 27-April 14, part of an expected spending of $500,000 in Utah. Clare Niederpruem is the director. Producers are Kristi Shimek and Stephen Shimek.

“I’ve been shooting feature films in Utah for years, and I absolutely love it here,” said Kristi Shimek. “There is such a variety of stunning locations to choose from, and the crew in Utah really can’t be matched for their hard work and professionalism. We’re excited to be shooting our next film, ‘Little Women,’ in Utah and we’re happy to be working with our film family again on this beloved project.”

Appearance Movie LLC was approved for a cash rebate of up to $59,195 for the independent feature “The Appearance.” The company is expecting to spend $295,975 in Utah. Principal photography is set for March 28-April 15. Kurt Knight is the director. Producers are Lauren Spalding and Jennifer Kirkham.

“The Appearance” tells the story of a man of science investigating possible witchcraft in the unexpected death of a medieval monk.

The music video by the band Imagine Dragons will be produced by Violet Media Inc., which was approved for a cash rebate of up to $26,000. The video, which will feature Dan Reynolds and Dolph Lundgren in a “futuristic retro” ’80s boxing match, is expected to result in $130,000 in spending in Utah. The director is Matt Eastin, who is also a producer along with Ty Arnold.

“The Appearance” and the music video incentives are part of the new Community Film Incentive Program, meant to encourage up-and-coming, Utah-based producers and directors keep their smaller projects in Utah.

“The diversity of the projects this month shows Utah’s attraction as a production hub,” said Virginia Pearce, director of the Utah Film Commission. “Our talented crews and variety of locations make Utah a perfect fit for everything from television series to indie features and documentaries.”