Fullstack Academy, a New York City tech education provider, has partnered with Utah State University to bring tech training bootcamps specializing in coding, cybersecurity, data analytics and DevOps to the state. The live and online Utah State Tech Bootcamps will equip students with the skills needed to fill well-paying, in-demand tech jobs in the region.

“With nearly 8,200 tech businesses across Utah, including Overstock.com, Ancestry.com, Instructure and Qualtrics, the state is an attractive location for both tech startups and expansions,” said Fullstack Academy in a release. “In fact, the greater Salt Lake City area was recently dubbed ‘Silicon Slopes’ and is seen as an emerging force in the technology sector, further supported by the expansion of tech giants like Adobe, Facebook, eBay and Microsoft in the region.”

“Utah’s tech market has erupted over the last few years, and as companies continue to invest in the area it’s critical that we meet the demand for skilled tech professionals,” said Mogan Subramaniam, president of Fullstack Academy. “USU’s exceptional reputation for student support, accessibility, diversity and inclusion aligns with our mission at Fullstack to transform lives and communities by teaching technologies that power the future. We are excited to team up with USU to help narrow the region’s skills gap by offering additional educational opportunities for those interested in a tech career.”

A projected 6,375 net new tech-related jobs in Utah are expected this year, according to the “Cyberstates 2021” report from CompTIA, a nonprofit association for the global IT industry. That 4.2 percent growth rate is the highest of any state. The Cyberstates report also anticipates Utah tech occupation growth to reach 27 percent by 2030.

“For 25 years, USU has brought digital education to more than 150,000 students across the country and beyond. The Utah State Tech Bootcamps will enable us to further expand our learning opportunities to improve the knowledge and skills of working adults and open more doors to foster diversity and inclusion in Utah’s tech community,” said Kevin Shanley, director of USU Online and Continuing Education. “Partnering with Fullstack Academy allows us to offer individuals, regardless of their professional or tech background, a proven and accelerated training program that prepares them to enter Utah’s emerging tech workforce.”

The 26-week bootcamps do not require USU enrollment and will begin accepting applications in 2022. Fullstack Academy will offer scholarships for USU alumni, students, employees and active military or veterans.

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