IDbyDNA, a Salt Lake City firm offering infectious disease detection, genomic profiling and testing for the healthcare and biotechnology sectors, has appointed Neil Gunn as its new CEO. Gunn joins IDbyDNA after 12 years at Roche Diagnostics, where he led the launches of well over 100 products.

“Having spent the last 12 years growing the (polymerase chain reaction) and sequencing businesses at Roche, I’m excited by the tremendous potential IDbyDNA’s platform has to transform the diagnostic approach to infectious disease,” said Gunn. “The need for rapid identification of the cause of infectious disease at the genetic level has never been more apparent than it is today.”

In the fight to better understand all pathogens, including the SARS-CoV-2 lineage and its mutations, IDbyDNA said it is focused on broadening availability for its next-generation-sequencing-targeted products.

“Mr. Gunn will bring a wealth of industry experience to IDbyDNA and its innovative diagnostics,” said Kelvyn Cullimore, president and CEO of BioUtah. “It’s exciting to see this level of talent joining Utah’s life sciences community. BioUtah looks forward to working with Mr. Gunn in his new position.”

Gunn was responsible for building Roche’s sequencing business, demonstrating above market performance and growing the team by more than 500 percent. Previously, Gunn spent eight years at Chiron Blood Testing, where he introduced the first molecular tests for blood screening (HIV and HCV) that are now standard practice around the world.

“The increasing impact of microbial resistance, the number of antimicrobial markers and ever-evolving strains of viruses make diagnosis more challenging than it has ever been, and IDbyDNA’s products will be a key component for helping clinicians diagnose and treat complex and potentially life-threatening infectious diseases. I’m thrilled to be part of this exceptional team,” added Gunn.

IDbyDNA co-founder Dr. Guochun Liao will continue to serve as president and chairman of the board and will focus on continuing to innovate the company’s platform as its chief innovation officer.

“Neil shares our vision for the power of precision metagenomics and brings a deep understanding of the marketplace,” said Liao.

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