Curtis Blair
Curtis Blair

On Sept. 15, the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce held its 25th Annual Chamber Golf Classic at Fox Hollow Golf Club in American Fork. This was also the day that Curtis B. Blair, a Utah County entrepreneur, was appointed the chamber’s fourth president and CEO. He was preceded by former chamber leaders Rona Rahlf, Val Hale and Steve Densley.

Utah County, located in Utah’s urban core, is one of the fastest-growing counties in the U.S. Bounded by the Wasatch Mountains and Utah Lake, this growth is rife with challenges; but with every challenge there is also tremendous opportunity.

Among the challenges is the threatening of farmland, open spaces and the stressing of geographically constrained transportation corridors. Residents, businesses and the Utah Valley Chamber in partnership with the Association of Utah County Chambers (AUCC), the Mountainland Association of Governments, the Utah Department of Transportation, the Utah Transit Authority and in coalition with the Salt Lake Chamber, Silicon Slopes and many others, are working together to ensure that quality of life is maintained.

In the face of a burgeoning population, the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce and the AUCC have assembled teams, committees, staff members and volunteers to execute on an ambitious vision for the future.

The specific committees include Transportation, Housing Gap, Education and Workforce Development, Natural Resources, Business Environment and Health Systems Reform. Each committee is chaired and vice-chaired by a member of the executive roundtable, the chamber’s most active and engaged membership. These are the valley’s strongest leaders, CEOs, COOs and other executives, each who dedicate their time, talent and treasure to the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce and as a result, are making an immediate impact for good in the valley.

Blair insists that this work requires many hands. He invites any residents, businesses and organizations who wish to participate on one or more of the committees to simply email their desired committee and contact information to

“I am excited to add my experience and vision to the chamber and partner with Utah Valley’s businesses in the name of prosperity,” said Blair. “Whether it is community relations, economic development or affordable housing, it is the chambers in this valley and the businesses we serve who have the opportunity and, frankly, the stewardship to provide a forum for strategic planning, participate in a shared vision of development, increased relationships through networking and increased shared interactions among shareholders.”

Businesses that thrive in today’s environment genuinely engage, network and partner with other businesses. According to Blair, “My vision is to lead the chamber in support of its members in recovering and excelling through the economic impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and reenter an era of great growth and prosperity.”

Curtis is passionate about business and continues to be a strong proponent of small business and entrepreneurs. “The entrepreneurial spirit is the backbone of America,” he said. “That spirit is alive and well in Utah Valley. If Utah Valley is the focal point for growth and economic prosperity in the state of Utah, and Utah is the same for the nation, then Utah Valley sits at the heart of this great country and has the unique opportunity to lead through innovation, productivity and collaboration. Utah Valley’s businesses — large and small — are setting the pace for economic growth and workforce prosperity in the U.S.”

Curtis is the father of five, having been raised equal time on both the East and West coasts. He is married to Lisa Erickson Blair of Concord, California, who loves dark chocolate, a good book and the waves from the ocean splashing against her feet.

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