Utah business leaders Dr. Marc Harrison, CEO of Intermountain Healthcare; Ryan Smith, CEO of software company Qualtrics and the new owner of the Utah Jazz; Gail Miller, chair of the Larry H. Miller Group of Cos.; and Keith McMullin, CEO of Deseret Management Corp., the business arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — along with their respective organizations — have joined forces to address Utah’s skyrocketing cases of COVID-19 and the subsequent pressure on the area’s hospitals and health systems.

The community leaders unveiled a new public service and social media campaign called “All In” to address the need for Utahns to join together to reduce the spread of the virus. The leaders and their organizations are calling on all Utahns to unite to stop the spread of the virus within the state, which has broken records in recent weeks for the number of new cases diagnosed and volume of people hospitalized for the virus.

“The volume of COVID patients coming into Utah’s hospitals simply isn’t sustainable. Our caregivers have gone all in to care for our community, but they’re feeling frustrated and exhausted,” said Harrison, “We're imploring our Utah community to go all in with us by masking, social distancing, and limiting social gatherings. We’re confident that we can pull together to prevent these hospitalizations and deaths.”

“Right now, we need to be all in,” said  Smith. “Utah businesses are the best in the world because we get things done. This is a critical time for us to come together and be all in on slowing the spread of COVID so we can protect our families, neighbors and caregivers.”

“We are counting on everyone to be mindful of the need for unity and support in following suggested health measures as we move into this holiday season. It’s important to remember why we are doing this — to stay safe and healthy,” said  Miller. “We can do this. We're all in. Are you?”

“This is a crucial moment for all Utahns. Today, tomorrow, next week, we need to make choices so we can reduce the spread of this virus,” said  McMullin. “Let’s be diligent about wearing a mask, staying physically apart and limiting the size of our social gatherings.”

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