Simplus, a business management software company based in Salt Lake Cit.,y is collaborating with customer relations management company Salesforce to launch a cloud solution for the management of vaccine administration. The project is in anticipation of the massive effort expected soon to vaccinate for the COVID-19 virus.

The solution is built on the Salesforce platform and dubbed Salesforce Work for Vaccines. Combining Simplus’ resources and capabilities with Salesforce’s consulting and product expertise, the companies have created an end-to-end vaccine management solution to help support the federal government’s mandate for states to be ready to distribute a coronavirus vaccine.

The platform covers a broad spectrum of vaccine management, including campaign management, citizen registration, prioritization, provider enrollment, supply chain visibility, forecasting, vaccine administration, wellness surveys and adverse event monitoring. The solution is integrated with Salesforce Health Cloud that can help support compliance with applicable laws, such as HIPAA. Within this solution are two communities: one for residents and one for providers. The resident community is the one-stop-shop for individuals to find information, register with state and local governments and schedule vaccine appointments. The provider community is the central hub for providers. Providers may, for example, apply to become a COVID-19 vaccine provider, manage appointments, maintain inventory, log vaccine administration details and document adverse effects.

“As we work toward a global solution during the pandemic, the importance of a robust vaccine management solution cannot be overstated,” said Ryan Westwood, CEO of Simplus. “We are thrilled to bring life-changing solutions to protect our communities.”

Westwood said another benefit is the innovation team’s agile approach considering the parameters of the disease management are not yet known. Variables such as dosage frequency and vulnerable populations in geographies can be considered alongside other variables such as testing strategy and asymptomatic transmission. Vaccine management is tightly coupled with an effective containment strategy. Being able to act in concert with a widespread testing and containment strategy will be instrumental to the solution realizing its full potential, he said.

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