BioUtah, the trade organization that represents Utah’s nearly 1,100 life sciences-related companies, is leading a new branding initiative for the industry. The effort, dubbed BioHive, is designed to bring cohesion within the broader industry and “showcase the crucial innovations and contributions of the industry collective that boosts our state’s economy and helps patients around the globe,” the organization said in press statement.

“We are really excited about introducing this branding initiative we call BioHive,” said Kelvyn Cullimore, president and CEO of BioUtah. “This initiative, with industry, government, academic and economic development partners, will allow us to really shine a bright light on our life sciences industry’s efforts, growth and innovation.”

The initiative launches with the participation of partners interested in promoting the life sciences in Utah, including the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Economic Development Corporation of Utah, Office of Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall, World Trade Center Utah, Recursion Pharmaceuticals, PIVOT Center at the University of Utah, Cibus Biotechnologies, IONIQ Sciences, Stryker, LineLogic and many others.

Katelin Roberts, CEO of LineLogic and interim director of BioHive, points out that these accomplishments are nothing new because Utah has a long and proud tradition of healthcare innovation. “We have attracted world-class scientists, researchers and engineers to Utah for the last 65 years,” she said. “Utahns have changed millions of lives through better patient outcomes with life-saving catheters, advancements in surgical imaging and now we are leveraging new technologies for novel drug discovery and therapeutics.”

“Building on this legacy, BioHive now serves to give expression to the efforts of the state’s researchers, developers and manufacturers of therapeutics, devices and diagnostics, as well as laboratory facilities, healthcare delivery systems, digital health, health IT and businesses that support these industries. By collaborating through BioHive, these businesses create a rising tide that lifts all boats,” BioHive said.

Utah’s life sciences industry employs 43,000 people directly and 88,000 indirectly, for a total of more than 130,000, according to figure from BioUtah. The organizations said that life sciences employees are paid an average wage almost 50 percent higher than Utah’s average.

“For me, it’s about creating local jobs that will last,” said Governor-Elect Spencer Cox. “The tech sector in Utah has been enormously successful, but sometimes we forget to talk about the deep tech sector. By bringing the focus of the government, other industries, and our young people to this industry we will help create jobs for future generations.”

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