The state of Utah has launched a new tool to chart the primary statistics officials are using to make decisions concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. The Unified Response Scoreboard (https://coronavirus.utah/scoreboard) highlights both healthcare and economic figures and relates them to the goals established by state leaders in their efforts to quell the pandemic.

In announcing the scoreboard, Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox said the two main goals for state leaders are to keep the COVID-19 mortality rate below 1 percent and the unemployment rate at 4.5 percent or below. With the scoreboard launch, the mortality rate (total deaths divided by positive cases) sat at 0.78 percent and the unemployment rate was right on target at a nation-low 4.5 percent.

Each of the targets goals has subsets of statistics which are reported at the scoreboard website. For example, the mortality rate report includes the seven-day average rolling average COVID-19 case counts, intensive care unit utilization, long-term care facility outbreak containment and non-long-term care facility outbreak (such as businesses) containment. With a recent surge in cases, the seven-day average has risen above Gov. Gary Herbert’s goal of 400 cases.

Other statistics on the site include a weekly update on mask-wearing percentages. For example, the number of Utahns who reported they always wore a mask jumped from 56 percent on July 19 to 67 percent on Aug. 30. The state’s goal is at least 80 percent of Utahns reporting that they always or usually wear face coverings.

Other economic statistics tracked by the scoreboard include consumer confidence, continued unemployment claims and job training enrollment for jobs that were displaced by the pandemic.

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