The state of Utah has partnered with HHS Technology Group LLC of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to build and implement a lightweight patient records solution that will facilitate data-sharing among patients, health plans and medical providers during natural disasters and other crises such as the current coronavirus pandemic. The software will be based on HTG’s MediBook, a cloud-based, blockchain-powered solution that enables the management and sharing of patient records.

By allowing caregivers and/or frontline workers to have secure access and share an immutable record that follows patients wherever they go, MediBook enables providers to quickly and seamlessly review medical information for patients they’ve never before treated and more effectively triage when there may be important medical history and underlying conditions that should be considered.

“Crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic have the potential to affect thousands of lives, inflict widespread economic damage and confront state healthcare agencies with unprecedented challenges and uncertainty,” said Brett Furst, president of HTG. “However, by implementing lightweight patient records solutions that enable seamless data-sharing among patients, providers and health plans, states can mitigate the health burdens experienced by patients during these challenging times. HTG is proud to partner with the state of Utah on this important initiative.”

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