U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has released new requirements and flexibilities for the $102 million provided to states and units of local government in the Rocky Mountain Region for the Emergency Solutions Grants Program under the CARES Act. The notice details the requirements for the additional funding provided to communities to help prevent, prepare for and respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The administration and the department have been working hard since the onset of this pandemic to ensure that localities are properly equipped with the funding and resources necessary to keep the American people safe,” said HUD Secretary Ben Carson. “These flexibilities allow local governments to tailor CARES Act funds to the unique needs of their community.”

“The pandemic has posed challenges that require new eligibilities and uses of funding to best address the needs of communities throughout the Rocky Mountain Region,” said HUD Rocky Mountain Region Administrator Evelyn Lim. “HUD will continue to support state and local governments in facilitating the best use of their resources to help those most in need.”

Key changes in flexibilities and requirements for the program, including landlord incentives, addition discretion given to program administrators and deadline extensions, can be found at www.hud.gov/program_offices/comm_planning/covid-19.

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