Five TV and film productions — with topics ranging from alien invasions to the life of Christ — will shoot in Utah after being approved for incentives by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) board.

The productions are expected to generate $6.5 million in spending in Utah and create more than 185 local jobs.

The second season of the faith-based streaming series “The Chosen” is expected to spend about $4 million in Utah. The Chosen Texas LLC was approved for a tax credit of up to $350,000.

To be shot in Utah County from Oct. 5 to Feb. 22, the series portrays Jesus Christ through the eyes of those who met him. The production will feature 20 cast, 40 crew and 1,200 extras. The director is Dallas Jenkins. Producers are Chad Gundersen and Chris Juan.

“After looking at several locations worldwide, we immediately knew that Utah is the best place to film ‘The Chosen,’” said Derral Eves, executive producer. “Our production needed a specific look and we found it in Goshen. We are thrilled to be filming in Utah and are excited to get to work alongside the talented local cast and crew.”

The fourth season of the series “The Outpost” will shoot in Utah. Camera 40 Productions LLC was approved for a tax credit up to $250,000, based on in-state spending of nearly $1.7 million. Three cast, 15 crew and 10 extras will be involved in principal photography set for Oct. 26-Nov. 2 in Salt Lake, Summit, Utah and Washington counties. Post-production takes place through May 28.

The science fiction series airs on the CW network in the U.S. and the SyFy channel overseas. The directors are Kurt Knight and Marc Roskin. Producers are Jennifer Kirkham and Jonathan English.

“We’re thrilled to be producing another season of ‘The Outpost’ with our team in Utah,” said Jason Faller, executive producer, Jason Faller. “The brilliant production and post-production crew members, the visual effects talent we employ, and the fantastic landscapes of the great state of Utah are each an enormous asset to the series.”

Alien Country LLC was approved for a cash rebate incentive of up to $91,022 for “Alien Country,” a science fiction feature. The production is expected to spend $455,109 in Utah, including during principal photography taking place through Oct. 9 in Emery, Garfield, Salt Lake and Utah counties. Post-production takes place through May 31.

Employing 14 cast, 22 crew and 60 extras, “Alien Country” tells the story of a small-town mechanic and his unexpectedly pregnant girlfriend who team up with an extraterrestrial stranger to stop alien invasion in their town.

The directors are Boston McConnaughey and Renny Grames. Producers are Grames and Bryce Fillmore.

“‘Alien Country’ was born out of our love for the Utah desert and recreational culture,” Grames said. “From demolition derbies to UFO sightings to protecting sacred lands, this film celebrates the uniqueness of our home state and therefore had to be filmed here.”

Tyler Castleton Music Inc. was approved for a cash rebate up to $49,700 for the family feature “Michael McLean’s The Forgotten Carols.” The production is expected to spend $248,499 in Utah, including during principal shooting that took place in early September in Iron County.

Using six cast, 16 crew and 20 extras, the show will be a filmed version of a Christmas-themed musical theater production that has been touring uninterrupted as a live theater presentation for 28 years. The 2020 tour was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The production is directed by Christy Summerhays and Tyler Weston. Producers are Tyler Castleton and Julie Ahlander.

“To now be able to bring a high-quality filmed option of this beloved show to our dedicated fans, and pulling that off during the pandemic, has been no small undertaking,” Ahlander said. “We, as a production team, feel that to be filming in Utah, which is home to many of our cast and crew including the writer and star of the show, Michael McLean, is just icing on the cake.”

Twice the Dream 2 LLC was approved for a cash rebate up to $12,218 for “Twice Upon a Song.” The family feature is expected to spend $61,088 in Utah, including during principal photography taking place through Oct. 11 in Utah County, and post-production through April 1. It will employ 36 cast, 15 crew and 75 extras.

“Twice Upon a Song” tells the story of an 18-year-old woman who “discovers her true self in an industry that strives to define what she should be” after she pursues her musical dreams as she and her band move to Nashville, according to GOED documents.

A sequel to the 2019 film “Twice the Dream,” the production is directed by Savannah Ostler. Producers are Sarah Kent and Dallas Ashton. Executive producers are Ostler, Jacob Joseph and Sessalie Daun.

“We chose to film in Utah for many reasons — the professional cast and crew, industry resources, the breathtaking natural beauty, and the fact that Utah is our home,” said Ostler, a Utah native.

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