Vista Staffing Solutions Inc. of Salt Lake City, a healthcare staffing agency, has partnered with Tuba City Regional Health Care Corp. in Tuba City, Arizona, to bring experienced clinicians, emergency funds, personal protective equipment and supplies to the area. The staffing agency has been able to place more than 50 clinicians over the past several months, working in emergency medicine and as internal medicine hospitalists.

With the Tuba City hospital being at maximum capacity and 50 percent of beds filled with COVID patients from March through July, the clinicians have been working to treat patients in the most effective way possible, according to Andrea Nelson, COO of Vista.

“At Vista, we are filled with so much gratitude in being able to offer the PPE to Tuba City Regional Health Care Corp. Tuba serves the Navajo community 90 minutes outside of Flagstaff, Arizona,” said Nelson. “They have been one of the most severely impacted populations working diligently to slow COVID-19 infections. The total number of deaths in the Navajo Nation has reached 468 with 9,223 positive cases. By providing PPE where it is needed most, we know the clinicians, patients and community will benefit.”

During the pandemic, the Navajo Nation has been hit as hard as anywhere in the U.S., made worse in part by a severe water shortage. This area, which spans part of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, has surpassed New York and New Jersey with the highest COVID-19 infection rate in the U.S.

“Washing hands isn’t an option when they do not have running water and have to go to a public tap to get their water for the day,” said Kim Cogsdil, division director at Vista.

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