The Utah Department of Transportation is partnering with Panasonic to build a smart roadway network that allows automobiles to communicate with each other and the outside world details about what’s happening in the vehicle. Information like speed, location, windshield wiper operation, anti-lock brake operation and outside temperature can be instantly transmitted to alert other motorists to upcoming road hazards and conditions.

The system will work using information from the emerging vehicle-to-everything, or V2X, technology. Information will also go to UDOT’s traffic operations center where data will be used to improve roadway safety and mobility and state policymakers can apply it to infrastructure decisions.

“Embracing and developing this emerging technology has the potential to make our roads safer, reduce congestion and help the environment through lower emissions,” UDOT Executive Director Carlos Braceras said.

Announced in June, the $50 million agreement includes the installation of intelligent sensors along sections of Utah highways that will collect and transmit data to vehicle-mounted equipment at speeds of up to 10 times per second. The data will be shared with a central cloud-based platform that monitors the information from the sensor-vehicle network and automatically generates alerts to vehicles, UDOT staff and infrastructure components such as traffic signals or variable-message signs.

Panasonic’s CIRRUS connected-vehicle data platform was launched in January to provide cloud analytics data processing, real-time analyses and transmission and data storage capabilities. It supports data sharing among transportation departments, network operations centers and vehicle information systems. 

The foundation of CIRRUS is an Internet-of-things application program interface layer that lets departments use V2X as a data source for sensing roadway conditions in real time. For instance, onboard units may sense slight tire slippage as roads freeze even before drivers notice.

“Imagine that my car can communicate that to other vehicles around it or to somebody like the Utah Department of Transportation,” Kellen Pucher, director of strategic initiatives for connected vehicles at Panasonic said. “Now you’re talking about getting really interesting information — and in real time — about how weather is accumulating or impacting a given corridor, and it’s all happening passively in the background with systems that already exist in our car,” said Pucher.

Unicity International, an Orem-based vendor of metabolic health solutions, has developed and patented an innovative process designed to increase the production of resolvins in the body without the negative side effects that can accompany other sources and added it to the company’s OmegaLife-3 supplement. Resolvins are molecules derived from omega-3 fatty acids that allow inflamed tissues to return to homeostasis once the need for the inflammatory response is over. “I’m proud of our Unicity science team,” said Dan Hughes, Unicity’s chief operating officer. “Their perseverance and innovation led to an omega-3 supplement that is more effective and can help the user live a better life.” 

Lehi-based Avii, a practice management software for tax, audit and advisory firms has added Avii Audit Procedures to the recently released 2.0 version of its Avii Workspace platform. The new elements bring advanced audit functionality to the basic practice operation program for its “Big 4” clients. “Avii Audit Procedures answers the consistent and growing need for accounting firms of all sizes to meet their needs to document required audit processes, monitor usage and ensure compliance,” said Lyle Ball, Avii co-founder and CEO. The Audit Procedures tool is the specialized auditing software that actually helps accountants assess risks and provide meaningful assessments to their clients, the company said.

Outdoor sporting goods retailer Sportsman’s Warehouse, based in West Jordan, has launched its exclusive Vanguard MeatEater edition hunting rifles, developed for the 103-store chain by Weatherby. Offered in six calibers, the rifle is designed as a high-quality, accurate and lightweight firearm, while being durable and affordable. “We are very proud to offer these premium-quality, limited-edition rifles to our customers,” said Jon Barker, Sportsman’s Warehouse CEO. “In developing this new innovative product, we worked closely with Weatherby and the crew of the popular outdoor brand MeatEater, who engage and inspire thousands of hunters around the country through their Netflix show and podcast.”

Rocket Notes, a Lehi-based developer of a customer engagement platform for sending direct mail and personalized gifts, has released a new web app that offers cloud-based customer relationship management. The new technology, called Mailbox Power, is designed to make contact with clients and customers automated, yet still personal. “We started Rocket Notes to help everyone build better relationships, get more referrals and retain more customers by utilizing the power of sending physical cards and gifts through the mail,” said co-founder and platform architect Justin Biggs. “Mailbox Power is a natural progression for us … [that adds] the ability to send physical cards and gifts and request contact updates.”

Lander, a Lehi company that makes products for the use of technology in the outdoors, has introduced a new waterproof AirPods case called Arete. “Lander is excited to continue expanding its high-quality protection to even more Apple devices with the launch of Arete for AirPods Pro,” said Kasey Feller, brand manager at Lander. “The 360-degree protection of our Arete case is a great solution for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a convenient way to protect and carry their AirPods on their next adventure.” Arete is rated IP65 waterproof and dustproof. The case itself does not charge AirPods but includes ports for corded charging and is wireless-charging-compatible.

Nu-Med Plus Inc., a medical device company located in Salt Lake City that investigates and develops applications and devices for nitric oxide delivery in the medical field, has been issued a patent for a single-use or short-term-use nitric oxide inhaler. The company has designed the system to be used in remote or rural areas which may not have access to non-portable equipment. Jeff Robins, CEO of Nu-Med Plus, said, “This published patent is a major accomplishment for our company and can help open new patient markets. We believe that this patent will give our company the opportunity to be on the forefront of re-shaping the inhaled nitric oxide market landscape.”

DigiCert Inc. of Lehi, a provider of public key infrastructure authentication software for users and devices, has introduced a new version of its DigiCert IoT Device Manager designed to enable telecommunications providers to deploy 5G network services to cloud environments while maintaining security, compliance and performance. “As telecommunications, manufacturers and other organizations move to increasingly dynamic models, the IoT Device Manager provides the flexibility and rapid scalability they need to support 5G and cloud migration,” said Brian Trzupek, DigiCert senior vice president of product. “DigiCert ONE delivers the features, compatibility and performance our customers need to accelerate their digital transformation and take advantage of compelling new business models.”

Salt Lake City’s Daz 3D, a 3D digital marketplace and software company has launched four new 3D bridges, allowing users to import content from Daz Studio, Daz’s free 3D software, into Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D and 3ds Max. Daz also announced users can now purchase native file formats compatible with these four 3D software programs. “This launch is an invaluable resource for 3D artists,” said Ty Duperron, COO of Daz 3D. “By releasing select products with multiple file formats, any 3D user can utilize Daz content in their software of choice without having to learn a new program, and artists familiar with Daz can now work between software with our content bridges."

South Jordan-based Impartner, a provider of channel management and partner relationship management platforms, has introduced a new solution that automates partner tiering and tracking of partners’ progress in complying with tier and program criteria. The new product is called the Impartner Program Compliance Manager. “One of the biggest sources of channel friction comes from vendors and partners not being aligned with status and achievements directly affecting commissions and payments that are rife with errors and frustrating for everyone,” said Gary Sabin, Impartner vice president of product management. “With a check box, Impartner Program Compliance Manager instantly reduces the administrative burden of channel teams and improves the ROI of their programs.”

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