Learning technology company Realtime Learning Systems (RLS) of Springville is acquiring Melrose, Florida-based Stenotype Educational Products Inc. (StenEd). The merger will culminate the two companies’ long-term partnership delivering educational materials and services to courts, schools, agencies and associations, Realtime said in a press release.

For the past 15 years, RLS has dealt in StenEd tutorials, exercises and testing through its learning and testing platform myRealtimeCoach. For the past two years, RLS has held the exclusive, worldwide license to electronic delivery of StenEd’s copyrighted materials. 

“Amazing things happen when good companies come together,” said Jared Carman, RLS founder and CEO. “Through this acquisition we are putting StenEd — and the steno reporting industry — on a broader growth path for many years to come. We are proud to invest in the people who create the record.”

“This is a wonderful time to teach conflict-free, real-time reporting and captioning,” said Beverly Ritter, founder of StenEd. “Using myRealtimeCoach, teachers can now deliver StenEd online, with custom learning paths, dynamic student feedback and robust reporting. No other platform can match this.”

As part of the acquisition, operational and technology upgrades to StenEd began in January. These upgrades are generating a positive reaction from teachers, students, and professionals alike, Ritter said. 

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