UTOPIA Fiber, the fiber cable service provider serving much of Northern Utah, has announced that it has completed its fiber-to-the-home project in Layton, making the service available to nearly 80,000 homes and businesses. Completion of the $23 million project, which began in July 2018, occurred recently when the last fiber cable was successfully tested. UTOPIA Fiber has begun accepting orders for all areas in the city.

“Layton has always had the vision to anticipate what fiber would mean for its community,” said Roger Timmerman, executive director and CEO of UTOPIA Fiber. “Now, the city is reaping the benefits of citywide fiber availability. This is particularly meaningful as Layton is one of UTOPIA Fiber’s 11 founding members.”

“Fiber connectivity cements Layton City as a great place to live, work and play,” said Alex Jensen, city manager. “There’s been a huge wave of support from Layton residents, particularly in the last few years, who want the astonishing speed and capacity that UTOPIA Fiber service provides. As more new developments are built, we’ll be looking to expand the fiber network.”

UTOPIA Fiber projects are funded and solely through subscriber revenue. About a third of Layton’s households have already signed up for the service, pushing UTOPIA Fiber’s residential subscribers to about 30,000 in the city.

UTOPIA Fiber is an inter-local agency that provides fiber-to-the-home services in 14 Utah cities and commercial services in over 50. UTOPIA Fiber is an open access network, meaning that the company builds the infrastructure and allows private-sector Internet service providers to offer Internet services through UTOPIA’s fiber lines.

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