By Brice Wallace

Among the accolades and glowing statistics about Utah’s economy, a couple may have slipped under the radar.

Not only is Utah 13th-ranked among states for employment in the life science industry, it tops all states in industry employment growth. In the period of 2011-15, its headcount grew 25 percent.

“People think of the growth in California or Minnesota, but I was so surprised when I saw this, that we were the fastest-growing life science industry here in the state of Utah,” Kelly Slone, BioUtah’s president and chief executive officer, told the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) board at its October meeting. “So that really shows us that there’s a lot of activity happening.”

And it’s that kind of success that Bio-Utah, the state’s life science industry association, is hoping will become better known in the future.

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