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CibusDx Inc., a new Salt Lake City-based diagnostic company that develops food safety platforms, has announced that it has acquired Pronucleotein Biotechnologies of San Antonio, Texas, and licensed the company’s ApolloDx diagnostic platform for development and commercialization of a new food safety testing system that can be used at any point in the global food supply chain. The platform can provide results onsite within 30 minutes.

“The new testing system combines ApolloDx’s mobile, hand-held medical diagnostic system with Pronucleotein’s DNA aptamer assay technology for detecting pathogens in food onsite anywhere in the supply chain, from the farm to production facilities to seaports to the grocery store,” said CibusDx CEO Jared Bauer. “Unlike standard lab-based testing, the CibusDx system reduces the time it takes to get results to 30 minutes or less from the current system requiring as long as four days. For consumers, food producers and distributors alike, this preserves the shelf life of food, while maintaining the safety.” 

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