Pleasant Grove-based doTerra, a rapidly growing direct sales company that produces essential oils and other wellness products, is breaking ground on new office, medical and fulfillment space and expanding its manufacturing facility.

It’s the third phase in the company’s expansion within the Pleasant Grove and Lindon area and will add about 950 jobs over the next three years, the company said. When the construction is completed, doTerra will have more than 2,950 employees in Utah and nearly 970,000 square feet of office, medical, manufacturing and fulfillment space spanning 100 acres. 

Founded in 2008, doTerra ships products to customers in over 120 countries.

“Expanding our campus provides additional opportunities for research and growth so we can continue to lead the way to sourcing, testing, manufacturing and distributing essential oils and other healthy living products for customers around the world,” said David Stirling, founding executive, chairman and CEO of the company.

The company is constructing a 67,055-square-foot office building for an additional 400 employees. It will also have a childcare center that will serve up to 84 children, including infants and toddlers. Contruction is due to be completed in fall 2018.

A 39,500-square-foot medical clinic is slated for completion in spring 2019. It will initially serve doTerra employees and Wellness Advocates, its independent direct-sales distributors, but will eventually be opened to the community. The building, which will focus on integrative care and accommodate 100 employees and five medical doctors, will be designed to expand as need demands with the potential of adding two more buildings.

“Health and wellness are the core of our business and we’re pleased to create a clinic where we can validate the medical benefits of oils with modern medicine,” Stirling added.

The company is also adding nearly 200,000 square feet to its manufacturing facility, which will have almost 324,000 square feet when it’s finished in fall 2018. It will have space for 200 more employees.

A 270,000-square-foot fulfillment center will be built on 32 acres along the 1-15 corridor in Lindon near the Pleasant Grove exit. Although it is expected to house nearly 250 new employees, it will be designed to use advanced automation to fulfill orders from around the world. 

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