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The Utah Labor Commission has issued a warning to employers in the state to avoid falling victim to individuals and organizations that claim to sell posters from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration to be posted in their businesses to comply with OSHA regulations.

These solicitors contact Utah businesses by phone, letter or personal visit and claim to be OSHA compliance officers. They threaten employers with inspections, citations and fines if they don’t immediately pay for health and safety training, consultation services and the “Consolidated State and Federal” posters to become “compliant.”

Such posters are required to be placed in a visible location at all businesses with employees, but they are available for free from the Utah Labor Commission.

“We encourage employers to research and ask questions about the companies or individuals offering to sell OSHA posters,” said Jaceson Maughan, Utah labor commissioner. “They should also know that we provide the posters at no charge.”

Compliance officers from the Utah Labor Commission who enforce OSHA regulations present identification during visits to employers and never ask for or are involved in collecting money, even if a citation and penalty is issued to an employer following an inspection.

Businesses that receive suspicious or threatening letters, visits, calls or other contacts from someone claiming to sell the required workplace posters should contact the Utah Department of Commerce, Division of Consumer Protection at (801)530-6602, or toll-free at 1(800)721-SAFE (7233), Maughan said.