FiberFix repair wrap can repair anything that needs to maintain rigidity, such as fence posts, shovel handles, yard umbrella posts and anything else you can dream up where duct tape just isn’t going to cut it.

Spark Innovation’s CEO and co-founder, Eric Child, is an entrepreneur and founder of multiple high-growth consumer products companies.  FiberFix, Spark’s flagship product, has been featured on ABC Televison’s “Shark Tank.”

FiberFix is distributing products through many of the largest retailers in the U.S. and internationally and is one of the fastest-growing consumer products companies in Utah. 

Prior to Spark Innovation, Child was the co-founder and president of two other high-growth consumer products companies: Seastone, a giftware products company; and Firefly Innovations, which sells emergency and outdoor products. Prior to his entrepreneurial career in consumer products, Child spent time as a product manager in Silicon Valley in the software industry and as a management consultant to several Fortune 500 companies. 

Child received a degree in finance from the University of Utah and an MBA from the University of Chicago. 

Child currently resides in Highland with his wife and four children. He coaches youth sports that include football, basketball and baseball and loves to take his boys motorcycling and skiing.

COO and co-founder Reed Quinn has also started several consumer product companies and oversees product development, manufacturing and distributing products through national retailers.

Quinn earned an MBA through BYU’s Executive MBA program. His ventures have included KT Tape, FiberFix, Blade Electronics, YardSmart, ScreenMend and Grip Sports. During the past decade, Quinn has worked with hundreds of Chinese manufacturers to design, develop and distribute thousands of consumer products.

Quinn lives in Highland with his wife and six children.

Spark Innovation received an SBA guaranteed loan to assist it with its growth. 

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