The Utah Trucking Association is a nonprofit trade organization that advocates on behalf of the trucking industry.  It represents its membership to ensure that laws, rules and regulations are based on sound and proven business practices, enhance safety and promotes transportation efficiencies.

The association is led by a volunteer board of directors, executive committee and officers. Effective May 6, the association’s elected leadership positions changed. Stacey Bettridge of KB Oil has served for the past two years as the association’s president. He will become the immediate past president and will have responsibility for leadership nominations and TruckPac or political endeavor activities.

Jimmy Andrus of Andrus Transportation has served for the past two years as the first vice president and has now assumed the president position. Mark Droubay of Double D Distribution has served as the immediate past president for the past two years and is transitioning to a distinguished group of life-long past presidents.

“I want to thank Mark Droubay for his exemplary service to the board and for his leadership as the president and immediate past president,” said Rick Clasby, Utah Trucking Association executive director. “He is a committed, exemplary and passionate leader. I marvel at those within our organization who are willing to accept more than a decade of direct leadership responsibility. Mark led with passion and accomplished much during his tenure. I also want to thank Stacey for his leadership as president for the past two years and his more than a decade of service to the association on the board and executive committee. I appreciate his example, knowledge of the industry and commonsensical approach to dealing with challenges. I respect his ability to make all feel good about themselves. I look forward to working with Jimmy as the new president and know that he is up for the task and will do a tremendous job. I appreciate all of the other officers and directors.  They are committed, hard-working and courageous leaders who are incredible advocates for the trucking industry.”

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