On April 15, Val and Julie Stokes, owners of Stokes Transportation, organized, in partnership with several sponsors, an appreciation lunch offering. Fifteen Hundred Apple Spice box lunches were provided to drivers traveling through the Perry Port of Entry, just south of Brigham City Utah on Interstate 15.

Val Stokes, when asked why this event was important, said, “God bless them, we hear and are grateful for the heroic acts of healthcare workers, police, firemen, military, etc.  Additionally, truck drivers are taking many similar risks, running day and night to bring us every good thing that we need to sustain ourselves. Nationwide, the average age of truck drivers is 54, which puts many of them in a high-risk category and many have other health factors that put them at a higher risk, yet they continue to show up every day to deliver groceries and other supplies necessary to sustain health and keep the economy moving.  They deserve our appreciation.”

With many businesses closed across the country, it is a challenge for drivers to get decent meals on the road.  Drivers are at times pushed to the limits of social distancing just to use a restroom or get a cup of coffee. Like many, they are finding it nearly impossible to find face masks, disinfectant wipes, etc. The intent of this effort is to minimize, if only for one meal and a short period of time, the stresses they are enduring during this pandemic.

This is not the only time that truckers have brought relief. In every kind of natural disaster (hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc.) when everyone is driving out of the danger zone, truckers are driving in to deliver necessary relief supplies.  When there are not disasters, truckers operate, largely behind the scenes, consistently bringing everything needed in daily lives. Literally, truckers keep America moving. This event was intended to say “thanks.”

Special thanks to Stokes Trucking, Utility Trailers Sales of Utah, Premier Truck Sales, Great Dane of Utah, Jack’s Tire, King Farms Trucking, Loanstar Trailer Rental Solutions, UDOT Motor Carrier Division and the Utah Trucking Association for sponsoring and supporting this event.

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