By Bahar Ferguson

In October, the American Transportation Research Institute released its “Critical Issues in the Trucking Industry” report. Of the top 10 issues, many had an aspect where technology impacted the problem or played a role in a positive result:

Industry Concern No. 4: Truck Parking. Truck parking issues have proved to be a topic highlighting increased dangers, costs and frustrations for drivers. This frustration increases with drivers forced to drive beyond their hours-of-service rules to find adequate parking or who may end up parking in unsafe areas. An area to look toward in the future is the growth of technological advancements to develop real-time solutions regarding parking availability. Various states have banded together to create such programs that will eventually provide drivers real-time availability. Should this prove to provide greater efficiency and safety, other states may seek to either become part of the existing network or create their own program to assist the truck parking issues.

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