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By Mike Herrington

There are a lot of great technology tools on the market to help improve your productivity and efficiency. Here are a handful that I’d recommend you check out and see if they could benefit your business:

Skype. Not everybody knows it, but Microsoft bought Skype a little while ago and has included it in many Office 365 packages. Skype is a great tool for interoffice communication and lets you send quick chats to your team. In addition, it works well for teams that are at different geographic locations. You can easily video chat, hold meetings and even share screens. Skype is a great tool for teams that are looking to collaborate.

IContact. This is a great tool for marketers looking to add some efficiency to their campaigns. The main functionality of IContact is to offer easy, centrally managed email campaigns. They have TONS of templates to make professional-looking business email marketing campaigns and best of all, you don’t have to know HTML to use them. Everything is delivered in a point- and-click fashion. If you can make a Word document, you can put together a business email campaign.

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