By Mike Herrington

More monitors can boost business productivity. At least that’s what scientists from the University of Utah have shown with their studies on the subject. A study at the UofU found that productivity among people working on editing tasks was higher with two monitors than with one. Other research indicates that the addition of a third monitor can also offer further increases in productivity.

The major area where time is saved and productivity boosted is in toggling between screens. Evonne Roman discussed this a recent article on the subject:

“It takes about 1.5 seconds to move your mouse and click to switch between documents. After double-clicking, the average delay time for the next document to open is 0.5 seconds, totally in about 2 seconds. If you need five numbers from each source document for your report, a second monitor would save you 66 seconds each time you compile your weekly report. Over the course of a year, a second monitor would save you about an hour on this one task.

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