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By Richard Tyson

A few years ago, I was on a commercial flight to Chicago. Like most of these, the flight was routine — long and boring. I was seated over the port-side wing of the aircraft and as we descended toward the tarmac at O’Hare, there was a sudden jolt. I was looking out the window at that moment and to my absolute terror, I saw the left wing lurch precariously close to the ground. Thankfully, in the next instant, the plane’s posture was corrected and it landed safely.

Virtually all of my fellow passengers were as shocked as I and many spontaneously applauded. However, I heard one voice that responded, “I’m not applauding that! It’s the pilot’s job to land us safely!”

As I walked up the aisle to depart, the pilot emerged from the cockpit. He and I made eye contact and he said, “Wind-shear!” Then he grinned and noted, “Flying is hours of boredom punctuated occasionally by moments of sheer terror!” I responded with my deep gratitude for his skill, as did others nearby.

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