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By Richard Tyson

In my work as a business coach to CEOs over the past 28 years, I have come to understand that no one escapes trials and tragedies. Although we strive for continuous success, it’s simply not the nature of life that any of us avoid problems. While most of these are the garden variety that are fairly easily solved, we must recognize that a major calamity looms somewhere in future days.

Just acknowledging this uncomfortable fact can be unnerving in and of itself. However, fear of unknown demons tends to destroy faith to move forward. We can become calcified by such fears, and actually bring disaster to our doorsteps by inaction.

Today, the “prepper” movement reminds us that earthquakes and other natural disasters may steal — at least temporarily — our normal, comfortable way of life. In my neighborhood (which sits in a prominent earthquake zone), we periodically run drills to simulate the event we all dread, in order to prepare for the reality that will likely one day come.

In that regard, I have developed a process for dealing with major unforeseen business calamities. It follows this basic process:

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