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By Kim Hibbs
Owner & General Contractor for Hibbs Homes

Remote working and learning are a new part of daily life for many families, and experts speculate that they will likely continue to have an important role for months, if not years, to come. While our definitions of home and work continue to rapidly shift, what we want and need from their homes is also changing. We have already seen an increased interest in custom home design and energy efficiency as a result of people spending more time at home, and our experience in the home building industry tells us they are only going to continue to grow in importance - and for good reason.


As we all spend more time adjusting to the new normal, many people are feeling the squeeze of living in a home that was built with no one in particular in mind. Every custom home we’ve built has been designed for a specific family and their lifestyle. For some families that means a home office that can later adapt as life changes and families grow. For others, custom home design means spaces for entertaining or recreation. Every family is different, which is why there is a growing need for truly custom-built homes.

Finding an area that works as a home office or remote learning space is increasingly important, and as the office environment is likely to change dramatically, it is something that is absolutely essential for most homeowners. While some custom home clients have dedicated office space in their design, others include flex space that can be used as an office today and in-law suites tomorrow.

There are other features becoming more and more popular. Spring and summer evenings that were once packed with sporting events and social gatherings are being replaced with cooking multi-course dinners and family pick-up basketball games. As a result, more of our clients are looking for ways to build spaces in their homes to accommodate the activities they love most.

One custom home feature that has always been a favorite is a wellequipped, spacious kitchen. As more people are taking up baking from scratch and turning home dining into an event, custom and chef kitchens - both indoors and out - are even more important in home design. In fact, the ability to build a larger and more accommodating kitchen is the reason many people have begun exploring custom home building.

Custom spaces to play favorite sports were considered a nice-to-have feature by many of our clients. However, as more of us are looking for ways to bring our sports and fitness activities home, custom sport courts, complete home fitness centers, and integrated outdoor living spaces are moving up the list of in-demand home features.


While under stay at home orders, most family members are using their computers to participate in classes or meet with clients and coworkers. But as soon as the temperatures start to warm, HVAC systems that may have been set back while the owners were at the office, will soon be humming all day to keep us comfortable as we focus on working and learning from home. Increased demand for electricity, water, and other utilities means rising monthly costs for many homeowners. Energyefficient homes are built with higher efficiency windows, doors, insulation, and HVAC systems. These homes often use smart home technology to help reduce energy and water waste. Because they are highly efficient, and more durable, these homes also give homeowners the ability to proactively manage their monthly utility and maintenance costs.

Aside from saving money each month, there are health benefits to building a high-performance, or green home. These homes are built to control the a safe, healthy building experience for our team as we continue to build healthier homes for our clients. As we look towards tomorrow, we know the role of home is changing but the importance of it will remain. We are looking forward to helping our friends and neighbors in Salt Lake City and Park City by delivering better built custom homes that will fit their needs and lifestyles well into the future.

Kim Hibbs is the owner and general contractor at Hibbs Homes, a dedicated custom home builder known for energy efficiency and green construction.


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More time at home has made custom and energy-efficient homes more important than ever.

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At home recreation has grown in importance for our clients as more evenings and weekends are spent at home with family.

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As lifestyles change, home offices are now an essential part of most custom home designs.

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Custom kitchens have always been a must-have, and with more time at home they are becoming a reason more people are turning to custom home building.

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